The Waiting Game (#2?)

Seems like I do a lot of waiting. Waiting for the college to call for an interview. Waiting for that boy to call. Waiting for school to get over so I can publish my thesis. Waiting for this depression to hit the road. Waiting to be discovered. Waiting for agents to get back. Waiting for … Continue reading The Waiting Game (#2?)


Book Review: “Talking S.H.I.T” by Jacob Paul Patchen (5/5)

Genre: Nonfiction/Inspirational Copyright: 2017 Before you get offended, it stands for "Social, Humorous, and Inspirational Thoughts." I wasn't sure how I would like this book. I'm not sure how I feel about the inspirational genre, but, after reading through the table of contents and the first few pages, I knew this book was one for … Continue reading Book Review: “Talking S.H.I.T” by Jacob Paul Patchen (5/5)