I am excited to announce that I have officially signed with Authors 4 Authors Publishing! Yes, this is a big deal for me. Authors 2 Authors is “a publishing company for authors, run by authors, blending the best of traditional and independent publishing.” I took that straight off their site (A4A).

I’ve got a big ole smile of my face right now. Remember that post I may or may not have posted about my dream of one day having my own independent press? Authors 4 Authors is basically doing what I dreamed of – moving around all the buzz of a big publishing house and using the ease of print-on-demand of independent publishing.

I am over the moon right now. I’m not just throwing my work into the slush pile in some agent’s office for them to take months to decide if it’s good enough, only to have them throw it into the slush pile of some editor who only sees dollar signs, not a story.

I mean, yeah – at the end of the day, publishing is still a business. I would like to make some money, but writing is more than dollar signs. Writing, to me, is my lifeblood, my essence. I live to create the next story and devour every one I can get my hands on. I write to entertain, to allow fellow readers the sense of escape that I crave, not to make a million dollars and becoming the next this or that.

So, a page in my writing career has turned. A chapter has ended. New characters have entered the story. A window has opened. I’m sure there are plenty more metaphors I can dream up, but I think four is a good number.

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