*Update February 2022*

I *still* have a serious backlog of books to review, so I have to be very, very selective about the books I accept for review. Please do not take it personally if I don’t accept your book to review. It does not mean that your book is bad, only that it doesn’t fit my particular tastes. I am a single reader in a vast ocean. 

I have also been bogged down these past two years. The pandemic has been stressed, and I now work in healthcare. It’s an extra layer of stressful.

For book reviews:

READ ALL THE GUIDELINES before contacting me.

I welcome indie authors, however I hold all books to the same standard, independently published, small press, or big press.

I read High Fantasy. Mostly YA, but I’ve picked up A and NA before. I like the YA Fantasy aimed at the older end of the spectrum, 16+.

I love anything in the way of Throne of Glass, ACOTAR, The Young Elites, The Queen’s Rising/The Queen’s Resistance, Caraval, A Darker Shade of Magic, From Blood and Ash, Serpent and Dove, The Cruel Prince, The Bridge Kingdom, and Six of Crows/Crooked Kingdom.

If you haven’t read or heard of any of those books, maybe I’m not the reader for you.

I don’t like urban fantasy unless it’s original and and a cool premise.

I don’t read nonfiction, anthologies, essays, or short stories. Or novellas. Or science fiction.

If you’re not sure if your novel fits into my likes or dislikes, go ahead and ask. Worst case scenario: I’ll decline. Surf through my book reviews and see what I’ve said about other novels to get a better sense of what I like/dislike.

If I decide to read and review your book, I will contact you; due to the volume of review requests, I can’t respond to each one. If you don’t hear back from me, assume I’ve declined.

Do not send me your novel (or press release or cover or anything else) in an attachment without me asking for it. I will not open it; I will not read it. (You shouldn’t open strange attachments, either. Internet Smarts 101.)

Requests sent via mass-email programs will instantly be deleted.

I prefer physical books, but I do accept ebooks.

I am an adult dealing with laziness, scatterbrain, and depression. If I accept a free copy of your books, that does not guarantee a review; it does not grantee a good review.

My reviewing scale is 1-5, based on how much I enjoyed it, how well-written I thought it to be, as well as plot, character, and all that jazz.

I look forward to hearing from you. Yes, you.

But first, please read through all the submission guidelines.

To contact, send:

  • your name/author’s name
  • title of the book
  • genre/subgenre
  • word count (not page count)
  • a brief summary of your work/premise
  • a rating (like a movie, G, PG, PG-13, R) and an explanation of why. (Like if there’s violence, language, or sex – I won’t judge you. I like to be prepared. Think of these like trigger warnings.)

Send to BBMorgan16(at) Enter “Book Review” in the subject bar so I won’t auto-delete.

If you have a non-book review related thing to say, enter “Contact” in the subject bar.

I’d be willing to have a guest post or author interview.

I’m on GoodreadsFacebook, and Twitter.