My Books

Stars and Bones follows Juniper, a thief caught stealing the king’s crown. Rather than the execution she deserves, the king offers her a chance to serve the crown, as the prince’s royal protector. She soon finds herself in far deeper troubler than she expected, the kingdom-shaking sort of the trouble, in an epic high fantasy adventure full of secrets, magic, darkness, and romance.

Stars and Bones, book 4, Nightmares in the Ice, coming 2023

The Hard as Stone trilogy follows Raven, a sheltered girl who craves adventure. When a thief slips by her watch, she and handsome gunslinger Zander are tasked with tracking down the stolen item before it falls into Gray Elite hands. Magic-hunting automatons patrol the land, and freedom fighters scurry in the shadows. Raven soon discovers herself at the heart of an ancient conflict, one that might bring the realm to its knees. Hard as Stone is a Young Adult Gaslamp Fantasy ripe with forbidden magic, secret wars, airships, and romance.

Book 3, Strong as Steel, out 2022

Alice Malone used the magical boost in her blood to climb the ranks of Belle City’s thieves’ guild. She had the highest bounty in the guild, an honor among thieves. When the heist of a lifetime goes awry, Malone grasps at the chance to escape the guild, the shackles of her bounty, and the shadows she hides in. She begrudgingly accepts the help of a green-eyed stranger that goes by the name Snakeskin, and for the first time in a long time, she feels a dangerous glimmer of hope. However, the past is never far behind her.

Devil’s Blood is a fantasy series of fated romance, secrets, and corruption.

Book 4, Dust Riders, coming eventually.

Caroline lives a life of luxury in the Fourth Terrace, made possible by her father’s prosperous shipping company, but she daydreams about pirates, mermaids, and a life of freedom on the high seas, away from her overbearing mother and her high-society demands. But everything is not as it seems; her father is not the gentleman he pretends to be. He is a pirate, and he needs Caroline’s help to retrieve the Gilded Gauntlet before its owner, Talbot Ghost, comes looking for it. Caroline will not let herself be the scapegoat for her father’s crimes. Disguised as a pirate, Caroline vows to hunt down her father and Talbot Ghost and set things right.

Caroline Eversole is a standalone Gaslamp Fantasy Romance.