Becoming a “Professional” Editor

I’d love to freelance edit. But how to go about it? Do I set up an online store where my editing skills are packaged into bits? If so, how does one accept payment? My legal sense tells me there’d be taxes involved…and then that requires licences and “authentication” and that sounds like a whole lot’a mess that I don’t have patience, time, or energy to upkeep.

Does that mean the “mail me 500 dollars and a manuscript and I’ll mail it back” sketchy? A little. Haha, I’d be the Back-alley Editor. Cloak. Hood. Voice scrambler. I’d send my letters with the magazine cut-out letters. No, that’d be too hard to read and put together. Feedback should be as clear as possible.

I’d need to ask people to send manuscripts for free and in exchange for the free service, I’d use it on my page as an example of what I’d do. With the author’s permission, of course. I could also use the extra income. Working part-time is tough when I’ve got student loans coming soon.

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