Unstoppable Writing

Ever get into a writing groove? It’s one of those rare moments when you’re writing faster than you can think; the words are spilling; the cursor is flying; the ideas are exploding; and suddenly writing is the easiest thing in the world and if you stop now, you’ll not be able to write like this again. I have. I turned out about twenty thousands words on Friday, and then about another twenty thousands on Saturday. I was so into the story that it came naturally, I knew what would happen next, and after that, and after that, and I couldn’t stop. The story was writing itself.

That’s only happened…twice, maybe three times, that I can remember. Both were first drafts.

I tend to get into those types of grooves when I have something else I need to be doing, or somewhere I need to be, like when I’ve got homework to do, or before bed, or before work, or during work. I don’t know how many times at work I get this suddenly urge to write and edit. And, of course, there’s little I can do.

What about you? Ever get that inexplicable urge to create and wordsmith?

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