That Daunting Feeling

I’ve heard people say that they would like to write a book, or that they have an idea for a book, but they don’t know how to start. The idea of writing a book is daunting.

Writing a novel from start to finish is a daunting task. I’ve done it several times and each time I start a new one, I feel that feeling. It feels like standing at the edge of ocean, or looking up at a mountain that’s so tall that that even when it’s far enough away to turn purple-blue, it’s still huge beyond reason. Writing a novel is a commitment that involves not just writing, but editing, peer-reviewing, revisions, and drafts. It takes time, effort, and sometimes money. It’s not a thing you do one Saturday; it’s a lasting affair.

But, do not let this freak you out from writing that novel. If you want to, do it. That way you can say that you’ve written a novel.

But, be aware that you’re taking on a task that will take months, possibly years to complete. Don’t fret – “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Your first draft won’t be great. Make peace with that fact. It is in revision where you start to polish and untangle your story.

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