The Gilded Gauntlet

I’ve sent my steampunk/adventure/romance novel, The Gilded Gauntlet, to a freelance editor. I’m excited for this novel. It’s different than anything I’ve written before.

Eighteen year old Caroline is forced into an engagement with her father’s first mate, but he’s not the gentleman he pretends to be, neither is her father. They’re pirates, and they need Addie’s help to steal the Gilded Gauntlet before it’s owner comes looking for it.

I’m still tweaking the hook. This story began as a scene of betrayal and heartbreak. That scene didn’t end up being in story because it was written through another character’s POV, not the main character of the story. Interesting how stories develop, isn’t it?

If all goes well with the edit, this novel might be up later this year. Of course, I will attempt the query-agents thing just in case one of them out there is feeling keen on steampunk. In my experience with agents, there’s more luck involved than skill.

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