I get jealous when I read other writers posting about how they’ve finally landed an agent, or how they’re book’s gotten X number of full or partial requests. That green monster inside me starts to pout. What is it about their novel that makes it better than mine?

I feel as though my writing never wins awards or lands the agent. Someone else’s work is always better. I don’t stand out. Yet, people tell me that I am a good writer.

Ever feel this way? It seems like since I started putting my work out there, I feel it more and more. Each time I revise, I feel more optimistic. Each time I send out a query, that optimism grows. Each rejections deflates it. Each time someone else wins, it slumps.

Discouragement and disappointment are constants in the publishing and writing world. When one writer gets published, and a thousand more don’t.

And yet, when I look at what’s being publish I’m astounded at how stupid some of the books sound. Mine is much better, so why am I still published?

It’s easy to get angry and bitter. I’m angry that the main reason I’m unpublished is because of biased agents. I’m bitter because the stories being published are stupid. It’s unfair that unknown authors are pushed aside despite their work for known authors that pump out novels that aren’t as good. I’m whining because I want recognition for all my hard work, and it’s not coming, and yet some of these young authors’ books are getting published and blown up, like Twilight.  Trends upset me. The lack of literacy in today’s world upsets me.

I know I shouldn’t feel this way, but I do. I know other writers do. It’s a part of the game. Writing and reading is all about person preference in books, not skill.

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