Devil’s Blood UPDATE

Good news – Devil’s Blood 2: Siren’s Snare is now available for purchase. The ebook goes live on March 4th. I’ve stuck a link on the “My Books” page.

Bad news – I did not place in the top twenty self-published indie books in the Soon to be Famous Author Project. There were sixty-six entries, and I didn’t make it into the top twenty…so you can imagine that this past weekend was a bit of a … what’s the phrase…cesspool of depression and self-doubt.

In celebration of both events, I have lowered the price of the ebook of Devil’s Blood 1 to a staggering .99. It’s not a special, and will stay that price. Devil’s Blood: Siren’s Snare will be 4.99, Mom tells me that it’s better than the first.

If you’re interested, go check out My Books up at the top of this page.

Also, have a happy St. Valentine’s Day. It’s not just about having a romantic relationship. It’s about being able to love who we want, that includes all those who receive love; parents, siblings, pets, friends, and fictional characters.

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