Sensory Details

We’ve been talking details in class, more specifically, sensory details. Our exercise was to take a scene and write it in one sense other than the visual. I choose ‘touch.’

Oh my goodness – this was a mind-opening exercise. I didn’t realize how much I relied of the visual sense, or how much I ignored every other sense. Touch adds so much to the story, texture, character, and ideas – in a different yet similar way to sight. Any writer interested in expanding their craft and knowledge of details needs to try this exercise.

You don’t have to write this way permanently – it’s just an exercise.

First, go take a scene from something you’ve written, or write something new – and then, rewrite it just using the sense of touch. Then, the sense of smell.

I feel like I have to go rewrite everything I’ve written now. I love this feeling. I need to write. I need to use these things that I’ve learned.  I declare that I have gained one Writing Wizard level; I am now at level 46.


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