New Epic Fantasy

I’ve got a new epic fantasy series in the works. I’m pretty pumped about it. I don’t have the road paved yet, but I’m ready and more prepared than I was when I started Devil’s Blood. I have a better understand of how to create different threads and how to relate those threads and how to gradually bring those threads together; I better understand how to use side characters and make them lovable; I better understand how to raise stakes and keep the story-ball rolling forward without letting a lull settle in; I understand better how to weave a growing friendship into the story vines; I understand more than characters must be challenged, continuously, in order to grow.

But yeah, magic, mages, knights, and royalty – I’m excited, even if it turns out to totally suck. You never know – it could be my breakout series.

Update – I used the first book as my NaNoWriMo challenge. I charged through the rough draft in two weeks. Not kidding. I charged through the first draft in about three weeks, using that as my final word count. I’m currently about a third of the way through the second draft, and I recently rolled over 150,000 words.

I love the story I’m crafting. It’s not exactly what I originally had planned for, but as I wrote, the story developed and characters changed, and it’s better!

I don’t have an official title yet. But I’m waiting on it to hit me. They typically come to me when I’m not paying attention – in the shower, driving, or trying to work – or right before I fall asleep, then I’m so happy I’ve got a title, I can’t sleep.

Here”s the summary (it’s a work in progress and subject to change, but this is the gist):

Juniper Thimble, best thief in the capital city of Rusdasin, has been caught trying to steal the king’s crown. Rather than face death, she agrees to become the royal protector to the charming Prince Adrian under the disguise of his long-distance lover, Lady Roslyn. Juniper must act the part of a lady, and is put under the watchful eye of the lawful and mage-hating Squire Sandpiper, who would sooner separate her head from her shoulders than be nice to a thief. Juniper doesn’t believe the death threats against Prince Adrian are true until a monstrous demon attacks; Adrian’s wounds transfer to Juniper, and her task is no longer simply about protecting him, but surviving. To save her own life, and everyone else’s, she must find the truth behind the attacks and stop the attacker before it kills her. 

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