Book Review: Beyond the Vale by Kerry Alan Denney (3/5)

Beyond the Vale

Beyond the Vale is about Logan. Logan has died, but doesn’t remember how.

This book was fun, whimsical, and a bit surreal. However, it was not my cup of tea. I found Logan’s character to be a bit lacking. He was supposed to be a really funny guy, but he came across more like that uncle that’s stuck in the seventies who’s constantly trying to be funny, but fails. The repeated pop-culture jokes and cliched sayings fell flat on this reader (me). Because I didn’t connect with the main character, the rest of the story didn’t quite reach me.

The characterization didn’t feel very full. The characters came and went, but none were very deep. The setting felt rushed. The world around Logan was shifting as he explored the afterlife, as he learned lessons of compassion and helped people and whatnot – but I never felt grounded in the where.

It felt kind of like a story that was being rushed to get to the punch line faster. The journey didn’t feel built up enough or fleshed out enough for my liking. It never really explained anything – there was plenty of action, but it never slowed down to complement that action with some character-mind narration.

I gave Beyond the Vale a 3 out of 5 because while the plot unfolded with whimsy and fun and humor, the humor didn’t sit well with me and I would have liked more character and background and depth. Of course, I’ve got high standards anymore. And while I didn’t think it was the best book I’ve read, you might!

If you’re a fan of fantasy and humor, definitely check this book out. (It reminded me of a movie that Seth Rogen might do. If you’re a fan of him, give this book a gander.)

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