Reading as a Writer/Reader

When it comes to finding my next book, there’s several things I consider. Genre is one of the first things I note, but the most important thing for me, as a reader, is the writing. I can read anything that’s well-written. (I also like depth in both story, world, and character.)

That goes for any book I pick up; I can tell within the first few pages if I’m going to enjoy the book’s writing or not. Example: R. R. Martin’s slow pace, endless passive narration, and boring characters are a few of things that turned me off of Game of Thrones, despite its winding story and deep roots.

Writing style is also the #1 thing that turns me off a self-published book, because there seems to be an ocean of self-published books that are so horribly written it doesn’t seem possible. And no, I won’t leave my review out because I don’t want to bring down the book’s overall rating. If I give the book 1 star, I give it one 1 star. If it’s bad, then I’m going to call it like it is. I don’t want anyone else to do any less for anything I write.

Be honest, yo.

As a writer, I notice things when I read. I notice pace and plot devices and bad use of commas. I have a better feel for words. I can feel the cheesiness in forced plot or puppet-characters. I can feel the stage-direction narration.

It’s basically ruined any fan fiction that I read. On the bright side, I’ve got a higher standard for my own writing. Whether I hit it or not, well, that’s up to the readers to decide.

Before I started writing more, I couldn’t pinpoint what it was about some books that I didn’t like. Now that I am more aware of the finer workings of fiction, I can. It came with the level-up.

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