Five Books! Whoo!

So… I added the next two books in the Devil’s Blood series to Goodreads. And, I had one of those “whoa” moments. I mean, this screenshot: Untitled

Five books. I remember when one book was a dream. Now I’ve got five! Of course, only three are published, but I’ve got titles and dates for the next two. That’s awesome!

Devil’s Blood 3 is aimed at this spring, and Devil’s Blood 4 is aimed at next spring. I’ve got the epic fantasy I’m currently throwing at agents, but there’s a chance it’ll end up on my indie list, too. Maybe not – I might hook an agent who sees it’s potential.

I don’t have covers yet for the two – I’m waiting until I’m 100% done with interior formatting. I need a page number in order to do so, and I’m not set on font or size or gutter width yet.

That’s something that I love about being an indie author – I get to experience all angles of the process. I get to get the book, edit the book, find the right interior format, and design the cover. I also have to manage the marketing and pay for everything, but it’s a trade-off.

I’m just having one of those rare “sigh” moments where I can see my accomplishments in front of me. I don’t regret it – well, I regret rushing Devil’s Blood and possibly missing out on a major publishing deal, but at the same time, I’m glad it’s gone this way. I’ve learned how to write and how to take rejections and handle negative reviews. I’m a stronger, well-rounded author because of it. If I had gotten a major publishing deal from the gate, I might have gotten a severe case of bigheadedness.

I feel more… humble about the whole thing.

It’s a chunk of advice from me to all the other aspiring writers out there – it’s okay to flail now and again, but always know that you can and will climb out of the pit of despair and rejection. Each time you get knocked down, you get up. And you’re harder to knock down the next time, until you’re withstanding gale force winds! (Metaphorically speaking. Do not actually try to withstand gale force winds.)

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