Idea Barrel = Empty

I admit, I had a lot of ideas when I started this blog. Sometimes, I feel like I’m stretching the idea farm just a little too much.

I’ve seen a running theme through all these book bloggers and authors. Ever notice how a lot of them talk about coffee? I like a good cup of coffee, but let’s not uphold the stereotype, shall we? Personally, if I’m writing, I’d like a nice chilled glass of sweet red wine or a rum and coke over ice. Maybe a strong pot of flavored tea.

What is it about coffee that hooks people so? Is it the warm, buttery flavors? The caffeine? The rich, creamy possibilities of creamer? I’m a sucker for Highlander Grog, myself. It’s butterscotch and rum. What could go wrong with those flavors?

I’ve seen writers brag about how much coffee they drink in a day like it’s a trophy to be won and paraded about. Sure, I mean, if you’re into that. I’ll drink my morning cup, maybe a second, then I’m done. Maybe a third, if I’m feeling up for it.

Or, sometimes, during those long writing days, getting another cup or warming up the half-drank cup is something to do. It’s a task that takes my eyes away from the computer. I get to stare out of the window, stretch my legs, make sure the dogs still have water, maybe think about laundry.

Sometimes, I get the feeling that some of these authors are more preoccupied with being a writer than they are with writing. But that’s just me.

Also, side note – Caroline Eversole and the Gilded Gauntlet has made it into round 2 of the Soon to be Famous Illinois Author Project, an indie book contest held by the library system. Whoo! Probably won’t win, but I can dream.

3 thoughts on “Idea Barrel = Empty

  1. “Sometimes, I get the feeling that some of these authors are more preoccupied with being a writer than they are with writing.”

    Back when I had Twitter, I saw this too. It was more of a lifestyle. Lots of jokes/memes about being a writer, how frustrating it is, announcements of word count, etc.

    Meanwhile, I saw that if all my Tweets were combined (and I did a word count) I would have a series by now. So, I deleted it.

    I think when one commits to “MUST publish content X times a week,” it becomes more about putting something, anything out there, than about the writing itself. That’s my pov, anyway.

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