Book Reviews?

Did I nab your attention? Cool.

Now comes the part where I ask something of you. (I know, right? What a let down.)

My fourth book, the third installment of my Devil’s Blood series, is rapidly approaching publication. (Squeals!) Obtaining book reviews for indie titles is a rough go, and obtaining reviews for a series is like pulling teeth.

I would love for anyone out there who’s interested to give this third book a chance. I’d be more than wiling to send you all three books – (that’s three books for the price of free!) obligation free. Considering my budget, I’m only able to send mobi files. If you’re really dedicated, I might send physical copies. (Be aware that I’d need you mailing address to do so.)

sirens-snare-ebook-thumbFancy House Ebook

Siren’s Snare and Fancy House have been professionally edited – the first has not. It’s on my to-do list.

Here’s a summary of the first book:

Alice Malone used the supernatural boost of her devil’s blood to climb through the ranks of Belle City’s thieves’ guild. She boasts the highest bounty in the guild, an honor among thieves. Wanted posters grimace back at her from every bulletin board and newsstand. Every wannabe thief, crook, and lawless ne’er-do-well knows her name, and so does every PAB officer hunting her down. She wants more. She wants out. With one final heist, she could use the fence to get out of the guild, out of the gloomy city, and away from the ever-watching PAB.

For summaries and an except from all three books, head to my books page.

If you’d like to give this series a shot, let me know by emailing me at bbmorgan16 (at)


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