Time to Write!

Does anyone have those days where they’re busy with something else, say work or sleeping, and your brain suddenly cries out, “It’s time to write!” You’re writing impulses are going crazy and your fingers are itching to type and you’re going through all these plot details and characters and dialog and structure – it’s distracting, isn’t it?

You find yourself making simple mistakes on the job. You’re walking past your destination. You have to double back, which probably makes you look silly, like you don’t know where you’re going. People probably think you’re a bit air-headed because you’re lost in your own thoughts.

Day in the life, right? Of course, those impulses never happen conveniently, like when you’re staring at a clunky sentence. No, it’s always when you’ve got three inches of to-do list left with a buzzing dryer and green beans boiling on the stove or twenty minutes until you’ve got to leave for work.

It’s always when I’ve got somewhere to be and a very short amount of time before I have to leave – that’s why, as a rule of thumb, I open projects until after work or on the weekend.

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