My Summer To-do List

It’s that time of year for us working in academia – summer break. Shorter hours, less pay, more time to focus on all things writing/reading/Skyrim. I’ve put together this list, and by publishing it here on the blog, it makes it official. Hopefully, I will be able to hold myself to it a lot better.

  1. Finish Steampunk series book 1
    1. Find a title
    2. Plot out series
  2. Revise SB 1: Thief in the Castle (until it’s perfect)
    1. pitmad is June 7
  3. Revise SB 2: Mage in the Undercity
  4. Rough draft SB 3: Squire at the Edge of the World (Squire on a Quest)(Squire in the Woods)
  5. Revise Devil’s Blood 4
  6. Rough draft Devil’s Blood 5
  7. Outline/Figure out Devil’s Blood 6
  8. Clean out under the bed – I’m sure my sleep mask is back there, along with a few missing socks and earrings.
  9. Clean out closet – I’m pretty sure that old pink duffle bag and go. It’s got a hole in it.
  10. Clean out car – seriously, how long has that coat been back there? And there’s dog hair all over the passenger seat.
  11. And finish that beta you start in February

Now, I realize that the time required to finish ALL of these things would be years. That’s why I’ll consider summer well-spent if I accomplish four of them.

Yeah, I’ve got high standards. (They’re realistic.)

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