Book Review: SeaStruck by Thelma Mariano (2/5)

30225426 The “two men one mermaid” sums this book up.

Now, before we start, let’s be clear. I am not a reader of straight-up romance novels. I don’t wander into the romance section of the bookstore on purpose, unless I’m there to make fun of the cheesy/slutty covers and equally cheesy/slutty blurbs.

I tried to like this book, but it’s just… how to say it… it rings with all the prose, plot, and character of a self-published title.

The writing was straight forward, a bit stage-like, but on a whole not that bad. The plot… well, it’s two men who both want to have sex with the female MC, who is a mermaid who is running out of time to conceive. Yup.

And the characters. Let’s start with the MC, Lura. She’s a mermaid who can become human (in order to have sex). She’s overly naive and bland, the damsel-in-distress type who’s looking for the perfect man to father her children. To find this perfect man, she dresses in clothes she’s stolen from the beach (like a prostitute) and then goes to a bar. See where this is going?

And the two male leads. One is a handsome, kindhearted man reeling from a divorce. The other is a sleezebag that thinks women are for sex and cleaning his house. WOW, I wonder which man she’s supposed to like more. This love triangle has me seeing sideways.

I found myself skipping entire paragraphs because nothing was happening, nothing worthwhile or unexpected. Lura is just there, floating through the plot while men fawn over her.

I just… meh. Now, I’m sure that romance readers would enjoy this book a lot more than I did. The book on a whole wasn’t terrible, it just wasn’t my cup of tea. Which is why it landed a 2 out of 5 – I had no desire to continue to read, the characters were bland and predictable, and Lura’s personality just didn’t strike me.

Also, we could have talked about Lura’s perky breasts more. I mean, once every other page wasn’t NEARLY enough.


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