Writing Space

One thing I think all writer (and artists) need is a space of their own. An office. A studio. A corner. A van.

I’ve got my space set up in my bedroom, a nice chunk of the room is devoted to my desk on which sits my computer – my entire work station. I’ve got my sticky notes of things to finish, bills to pay, and books to review all organized on the hutch; I’ve got my pens, pencils, notebooks, and sticky notes close at hand; I’ve got my charger cords hooked up; my kindle at the ready; copies of my books within reach for reference and confidence; and a window to let in the natural light and give me something to stare at between sentences.

I admit, the only thing that would make it better would be a coffee pot, but there’s no room. It’s hanging out in the kitchen, and making a cup of coffee gives me something to do. I need to get those steps in.

A writer needs a space that she feel most comfortable, where her creativity can flow without warrant, without worry, without thinking of anything else – without someone looking over her shoulder.

But hey, we’re all different when it comes to that space. Maybe yours is a quiet corner in a coffee shop or the computer by the window at the library. Maybe it’s the dining room between meals. Maybe it’s the porch. Maybe it’s the laundry room while you’re doing laundry.

Find your writer zone. Write.

One thought on “Writing Space

  1. agreed and great post, but in my life it doesn’t work much right now. the thing is I spend most of the time on the first floor..but my room (for writing) is on the second floor. During the day I’m usually in the kitchen or living room..- eh, and there I’m writing 😭😭

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