Write. Read. Revise. Read. Repeat.

You can read as many articles/books about writing you want. Articles written by amateurs like me, or by professionals like Stephen King, or by the people that write the articles for Writer’s Digest. You can devour every webinar, conference, and YouTube tutorial about how to write better, cleaner, and with more punch.

But reading about writing will only get you so far.

Rather than read about writing, you need to WRITE. That’s right. Stop reading about writing and go write something. Write something else after that. Keep writing.

The best way for you, a new writer, to grasp how a plot folds together, how plot points connect, how a character grows and develops, and how to put all of those things into written form is to DO. Write. Then, revise.

Then, READ. See how other writers have strung their stories together, how the plot unfolds, how the characters are introduced, how those characters grow, how each scene adds to the growing tension of the overall plot, how the characters stumble before they reach their goal, how words are used to create worlds and emotions without being brash about it.

Write. Read. Revise. Read. Repeat. 

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