Summer To-Do List (Update)

So, at the beginning of the summer (May 1) I posted a to-do list to motivate me into getting things done this summer break. And, I’ve got good news!

  1. Finish Steampunk series book 1
    1. Find a title
    2. Plot out series
  2. Revise SB 1: Thief in the Castle 
    1. pitmad is June 7
  3. Revise SB 2: Mage in the Undercity
  4. Rough draft SB 3: Squire at the Edge of the World (Squire on a Quest)(Squire in the Woods)
  5. Revise Devil’s Blood 4
  6. Rough draft Devil’s Blood 5
  7. Outline/Figure out Devil’s Blood 6
  8. Clean out under the bed – I’m sure my sleep mask is back there, along with a few missing socks and earrings.
  9. Clean out closet – I’m pretty sure that old pink duffle bag and go. It’s got a hole in it.
  10. Clean out car – seriously, how long has that coat been back there? And there’s dog hair all over the passenger seat.
  11. And finish that beta you start in February

I’m a few weeks from summer’s end (on school time) and I made it halfway though my list. I have made major progress on that steampunk/fantasy trilogy, now titled Harder than Stone, and I stormed Stars and Bones, plotting out books 3 and 4 and making notes on 5.

Am I proud of myself? A little. Do I still see a ton I need to do? Yes.

There’s this #pitchwars coming up, and I’m going to be entering to find me a mentor for Harder than Stone. Stars and Bones hasn’t jumped off the ground yet, and I’m really hoping that this steampunk/fantasy will be “the one” to get me started in the publishing world.

And, unexpectedly, I’ve been adding to another story. It has no title, but the main character has a name and motive. I’m thinking trilogy.

And sadly, I feel like Devil’s Blood is a lost cause. It’s a money pit at his point. The first book shines with all the glory of a not-so-good debut self-published title. I’m really leaning toward finishing the series as ebooks to save money. I can’t afford the editing, I can barely afford the covers. I know they’re not good, the world knows they’re not that good – maybe I should throw in the towel and stop worrying about it. Be done with it and move on to other projects.

Anyway… so, yeah, I’ve done some stuff this summer. This is really all I’ve done; I haven’t done anything “summery” like hiking or theme parks or state fairs. As such is life as a writer, I suppose.

Real life? Bleh. Dragons and castles? Yes, please.

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