Optimists Only

I need a sign on my office door that reads “Optimists Only.” I’m so tired of hearing negative news – about people, about events, about everything.

Negative, negative, negative, all the time.

No one wants to listen to that. That’s why when someone is legitimately depressed and needs to talk to someone, no one wants to listen, because we’re so bombarded with negativeness that we avoid it at all costs.

It’s not just the news – it’s everywhere. It’s like people lie in wait for something to happen just so they can whine about it on Facebook or whatever avenue they chose.

Why can’t people lighten up? Chill out? Take a load off? Chill-ax, brua?

It’s like people have become gluttons for the worst news out there; someone’s cheating on someone; so-and-so has a new girlfriend who’s a hooker; someone else is doing something purposefully to be mean to someone else; gossip, gossip, slander, slander, hate, hate, hate.

My sister is one of these people. She’s always got bad news. Someone’s always doing something wrong, and she feels that it is her duty to complain about it. Someone’s cheating or lying or doing something with the intention of hurting her feelings. Something is always wrong with the world, with people, with the guy that drove in front of her that morning.

Just… chill out. Everyone. Chill the F out. Stop worrying about what everyone else is doing, thinking, or saying on their Facebook – it is not your civil duty to “correct” them and their beliefs or call them out on wrongs in their personal, private lives. If I want to stay home and chill instead of going out, that’s my business. Not yours. It is not your duty to make sure I’m doing what you think I should be doing, or thinking what you think I should be thinking; my brain is mine, not yours.

Let’s repeat: my thoughts are my thoughts, not yours. My hobbies are my hobbies, not yours. My time is my time, not yours. My vote is my vote. It is not your place to command my thoughts, beliefs, or anything that extends from them.

It is not your place to tell me I can’t say/do something or laugh at a joke because of who I voted for. So let’s all stop being Negative Neds and Pissy Pants over stupid things.

Okay? Awesome. I’m glad we could have this chat. So, leave your negativity and dark energy at the door before you enter.

Seriously – if you can’t be nice, stay outside.

Let’s all chant: If you can’t say something nice, keep your damn mouth shut.

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