Favorite Stories #4

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Teen Titans (2003-2006)

This was the first shows/stories that sucked me in. I loved the anime-styled world, the animations, the character development that each of the Titans underwent, and the themes of justice and friendship. It had everything: campy humor, comic relief, serious undertones, overarching story lines, and the classic feel of a superhero-world.

Now – I’m talking about the original TV series, not that junk show “Teen Titans GO!” that someone somewhere in an office decided was a good idea after one too many cappuccinos. (May he/she break both his/her legs.)

I would have been 12 when this series aired. Let me take you back to the world of 2003: DVRs didn’t exist, at least not widely, and if you wanted to watch a TV show, you actually had to be in front of the TV during it’s airing. Or you missed it.

While I love the convenience of DVRs and Netflix, a part of me misses that sense of anticipation before a new episode, of sitting in the floor waiting, of seeing the promotion for the next new episode, of tapping your fingers through commercials, of anticipating each new episode.

This is how I watched Teen Titans. I can’t remember what day of the week or what hour it was on, only that it was, and I was in front of the TV every time. Now, I own the DVD set, so I can watch whenever I so please.

This show made my list because I was obsessed with it. I loved the characters and the relationship between those characters – they each had a defiant, separate, unique personality and yet they were able to work out their problems and become better friends for it. These are the shows that kids today need to watch, of people of different backgrounds and personalities understanding each other, of people learning about real problems and overcoming them.

My favorite character was Raven, because I loved the air of mystery around her, of her powers, and of that “goth” thing. My second was Beast Boy, because he’s lovable and adorable and he’s got that “I can be serious when I need to” thing.

And Ron Pearlman as the voice of Slade? MMM!

Before anyone asks, no I didn’t “ship” – I was too young to “ship.” (But if I had, it would have been the two mentioned above XD)

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