Confession Time – A Strange Habit of Mine

I take pictures of clouds.

I like interesting looking clouds and how the light shines through them and around them and underneath them, and how that light differs with the time of day and the moisture in the air.

I have an abnormal number of pictures of my backyard and clouds; some were taken from my car, the side of the road, in the middle of nowhere, or through my bedroom window. Not all are good quality.

I also noticed a while ago that I have a habit of describing the light in the clouds and the colors of the sky in my writing. I love the colors of the sky – the pale blue-gray of a humid day, the vibrant blue of a low-humid day, the way the sun shines on the clouds from different angles – like during a storm when the clouds are in front of the sun and they are so dark blue-gray and lined with sunlight, or when the clouds are low and the sun shines up on them during a sunset like pink and gold, or how the colors moves across the sky as the sun rises and sets.

Sigh… I might not be able to hold a paintbrush with any sort of skill above that of a first grader, but I can use my words. LIKE A BOSS.

Image result for spongebob gif shirt ripping patrick

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