Oh, Did I Write That?

In the months following the start of this blog, I wrote hundreds of blog post drafts. I mean, hundreds. I was so excited to have a presence on the web, to be putting myself “out there” as (insert deep, noir detective voice) B. B. Morgan – indie writer.

I had my posts planned six months ahead.

And I guess I’ve calmed down.

I’m still going through all those posts, trying to wade through what’s salvageable and what’s total trash. I wrote so many that had no point other that “I’m a writer, RAWR! Listen to me!”

I don’t want to be one of those people who post just to post; I want to have something to say. I want something worth someone else’s time.

#1 Rule of Writing – don’t waste the reader’s time. 

I apologize for all the arrogant trash I spit out in those first few months. I not only know more about writing than I did then, I’ve also knocked myself down a few pegs on the “know-it-all” scale. I’ll try to keep my inner Hermione Granger in check.

Writing is such a subjective world, one person’s blabbering nonsense of what is and what isn’t doesn’t make anything right or wrong. It’s silly for me to blabber about what makes good writing and what makes bad writing, considering that opinion varies from reader to reader. It’s all relative.

So, (lifts tequila sunrise) here’s to opening our minds and keeping opinions and facts separate, to thinking before we speak, to thinking critically and writing thoughtfully.

And to insightful (hopefully) blog posts.

2 thoughts on “Oh, Did I Write That?

  1. As an optimist, I would venture to say none of it was trash– you were just at different stages in your writing life then. We are so varied as readers and writers that even if you just go “RAWR!” someone out there will relate and appreciate 🙂

    In a few months, you’ll know more about writing than you do now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t share what you know now, what you’re going through now. It will change later. It will ALL change later. So let your inner Hermione shine! 😉

    Write on,

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