Writer Better and Sell Today!

“Write a query that stands out!” 

“Learn how to write believable characters!” 

“Learn how to write fight scenes!”

“Write effective dialog!”

“How to talk to an agent!” 

These sound familiar? I subscribe to Writer’s Digest; it’s a magazine aimed at writers. The magazine itself its fine. It has articles about writers and writing and stuff like that.


I am sick of the DAILY emails from them about conferences, seminars, webinars, and courses, all of which cost money. A lot of money, in some cases – those webinars are something like a hundred dollars, and the course are several hundred dollars. It’s basically a college course.

This is an example of how companies out there are talking advantage of aspiring writers. They’re selling things to make you a better writer. And sure, some of those webinars might be interesting, but I don’t feel like I would be learning anything that I couldn’t find for free elsewhere on the internet.

It’s like those publishing companies that “will do all the work” of publishing your novel, for the low price of six thousand dollars.

I am tired of seeing all this spamming aimed at aspiring writers. You will not become a bestseller by shoveling out your income for webinars or online courses. (Unless you have money to throw away.)

All that stuff might be aimed at helping you become a better writer, but I guarantee that helping you isn’t their prime objective – it’s making money. Off you. Off your dreams.

I’m tired of seeing all these companies trying to sell your dream to you by posting pictures of pretty book covers and adding blurbs from successful writers. They just want your money; they don’t care if your book is ready to be published or not.

This is also one thing I dislike about the publishing industry. It all boils down to money. How much money they have to put into a book; how much money they can get out of a book; and how much money they might lose. They see a book and they see dollar signs, sales, sales, sales.

If a company out there is trying to sell you something that sounds too good to be true, odds are, it is.

Beware, my fellow writers and artists, of scamming publishers and the like. They scatter the web looking for prey, lions hiding in the tall grass.

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