Spam in the Writer-Sphere

So, as some of you know, I accept review requests from indie authors. I’ll get them from small presses now and again, but every one and a while, I’ll get these very, special request from “publicists.”

I think this is an important thing to mention both for prospective authors looking or thinking about getting a publicist and for people who consider themselves publicists.


I’ve gotten several requests from so-called publicists who start the email with “After looking through your blog, I think you would be a great fit for a a book from my client…” or “I love your blog. I noticed that a book by one of my clients fit yours criteria…”

There are SO MANY things wrong with this opening line. First, it’s so utterly spam-tastic because I’ve gotten SEVERAL that start out just like it. I mean, word-for-word.

I auto-delete these. It doesn’t mention what about my blog they liked, or what criteria they think their book fits. It’s so obviously spam, or very poorly written. Either gets deleted.

And, because I like to be a nice person about the whole rejection thing, I’ll scroll down down and skim the request. Nine out of ten times, the book isn’t even in my genre. I read fantasy and the occasional science fiction, and yet I’ll still get authors coming to be with psychological thrillers or creative nonfiction.

#2: Don’t Spam

These requests are likely spam or bots, but it still angers me. If you’re an indie author out there, I know marketing sucks. But be wary before you pay someone else to be your “publicists” or do marketing ads for you. There are so many people out there ready and waiting to take your hard-earned money, and so many people willing to sell your dream of publication to you.

Be always suspicious of people on the internet. Especially the ones that want nude pics or money.

Sound good? Cool. I’m glad we could have this talk.

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