Life Update

I have a new job. Rather than the part-time job at the library I had before, which gave me plenty of time to browse new books and contemplate story ides, I now work full-time. I no longer have the same amount of free time as I once did. While I regret not being able to just read and write all day, I’ve got bills.

I’m still going to read, write, and review books. I just might not do it at the same pace as I have been. I would love to be able to do weekly book reviews – and if I rushed through each book and skimmed and gave half-hearted reviews, I could do that. But I don’t want do. I like reading. I want to read each book I find, each book that has been graciously gifted to me, and judge it based on a genuine reading.

So, bear with me as I sail into the waters of adulthood. I’m only one day in, and I’m already tired. I don’t know if I can do thirty years of this. I hope that bestseller comes along sooner than not.

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