December 2020, and a New Year

Hey, look! I’m updating my blog! I know, crazy.

It’s been a while. Life’s been a bit messy since…March? I’m sure you understand. I was working more and over-stressed at my part-time job, and then I found full-time employment mid-July. I’ve been struggling to learn my new job since, and my reading and writing have fallen behind.

On a positive note, April of 2020 was the most profitable month for me as an author. I sold more books than I ever had in a single month. I haven’t sold that many since, but still – stepping stones.

On a less positive note, I read 22 out of my goal of 40 books. I wouldn’t have known, but Goodreads likes to remind me of how far away I am of my goal. There’s still time to squeeze one or two in there, but let’s me real – I probably won’t.

I’ve been struggling. I get home and I’m tried – too tired to think. I don’t want to trudge through a draft, I don’t want to read. I don’t feel like anything. Not every day is like that, but a good 50% are. I know it’s due to it being the holidays and the pandemic, and it feels like everyone is just…irritated and ready to blame all of their life problems on the first unsuspecting receptionist or cashier they see.

Sigh… I miss my low-stress part-time library job. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, that job no longer exists. So, God knew what he was doing. Had I not left that job, I don’t know where I’d be now. Unemployed or working in the ever lovely part-time retail spot. Ever work in retail during the holidays? Ever work in retail during a pandemic? It’s real fun. People are real friendly and understanding and respectful.

So, a writerly update: I’ve got three new projects on the horizon. The most promising is about the princess’s handmaiden who is mistaken for the princess during a coup and becomes the center of a rebel group who aim to retake the throne and end an ancient curse. It’s tentatively titled Kingdom of Thorns, but I haven’t googled to see how many other books have that title of something similar.

The other two are rough and lack a fully-fleshed plot. Yes, they’re both fantasy.

My goals for 2021 are to read more and lose weight. My jeans are getting tight, so that’s a must. I can’t afford new pants. I need to read more – reading fills up that inspiration well in my soul. Right now, it’s running dry. I need more books and stories and characters that keep me up at night, that I can’t stop thinking about when I’m not reading, that I can devour. I need stories like Throne of Glass and Harry Potter – the mind-blowing stories that remind me why I wanted to write in the first place.

Will I find those? I guess we’ll find out.


Rating: 2 out of 5.


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