Book Review: A Thousand and One Days by Renee Frey (5/5)

A Thousand and One Days is a retelling of A Thousand and One Nights, or as it’s sometimes called, Arabian Nights. The OG is a collection of stories and fairy tales gathered during the Golden Age of Islam, which includes one of my favorites, Aladdin. It shares the premise as the retelling; the sultan marries a new wife every day and kills her the next morning. The heroine survives by entrancing him with a story every night, which are the stories that make up the original A Thousand and One Nights. This retelling is not a collection of stories; it is a story itself, following the journey of sultan and sultana as they grow from strangers to friends to lovers. 

I enjoyed A Thousand and One Days. Now, I’m not a big romance reader. It’s not the genre that I gravitate toward, however (as a writer) I believe in reading outside your genre. I can compare this to other romances, because I haven’t read that many other romances. What I can say is that I enjoyed it. There was never a point where I wanted the story to hurry or where I lost interest. 

 So, A Thousand and One Days gets 5 magic lamps out of 5. 

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