Book Review: The Crown of Gilded Bones by Jennifer Armentrout

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Book 3 of the From Blood and Ash series

Well, I was going to read something between Kingdom of Flesh and Fire and Crown of Gilded Bones, but here we are. I devoured this book, much like I devoured From Blood and Ash and Kingdom of Flesh and Fire. And, just like the books that came before, Crown of Gilded Bones picked up in the same scene that Kingdom of Flesh and Fire ended on.

This book slowed down. The plot felt a bit stretched. Like Armentrout was just filling pages with pointless conversations and banter that didn’t go anywhere. The first third of this book is exciting. The last third is exciting. But the third in the middle is SLOW. There’s so little plot happening. It could have been edited down.

I almost wish there’d been some subplot to add some dimension to this book. It felt repetitive with Poppy’s constant self-doubt of who and what she was. Around and around. From this to that and back again. It felt…clunky.

But, overall, I still give Crown of Gilded Bones a 5 spicy draken out of 5, because despite the less-than-idea writing and slow act 2, I loved it. I need book 4. Like right now.

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