Book Review: Gods and Monsters by Shelby Mahurin

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OMG. I knew this book would tear me apart, but I jumped in head first anyway. I loved loved loved this series, and this third and final book brought back all the feels of the the first and second. Everything about this series has been fantastic – the characters, the world, the magic, the writing, the pacing! Oh, my heart!

I bought Serpent and Dove at a local coffee shop/book store years ago, after seeing numerous other book bloggers and reviews rave about it. It’s compared to Sarah J. Maas, so of course it’s up my alley. So, I ordered it without knowing anything about it. I didn’t read Amazon reviews. I didn’t even read the blurb for the book. I just bought it on a whim. Then it sat on my dressed for like two and a half years.

I think I was unconsciously waiting for the next book to come out just in case I fell in love and NEEDED the next book. I think I also put it off just in case I didn’t like the book that I wanted to like and spent like twenty bucks on the hardback.

And I LOVED LOVED LOVED Serpent and Dove, and I loved Blood and Honey. This finale in the trilogy was amazing. It started a little slow, but I wouldn’t change a thing about it. The pacing was exactly what it needed to be. The characters fulfilled their arcs, all of them.

Without spoiling anything, I loved the midpoint “no turning back” twist midbook. I loved it. I might recycle it in my own writing I loved it so much. The character development!

So, Gods and Monsters gets 5 sticky buns out of 5.

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