It Begins Again

Tonight I did something I haven’t in a while.

I typed up a query letter.

It wasn’t as hard as it used to be. Is that normal? Heck, I even typed up a synopsis in like thirty minutes. I assume that means I’m getting better at story telling. (Or I’m in one of those rare writer moods.)

Tonight, I sent my first query since 2018.

It feels good, but it’s also terrifying. I remember the waiting. Checking my email every ten minutes. Squealing when emails came back, only to deflate upon opening.

Thank you for your submission, but….

Yeah, I remember those words. A lot of those words.

But that was a different manuscript. I’m not the same author I was back in…geeze, was that 2016? I’m not the same author that I was in 2018, let alone before then. My writing has improved. I feel more professional. Maybe that’s just age settling in.

I am setting out on the querying path once again, this time with The Inheritance Game. I have – as of the writing of this post – submitted one query. Just one.

I’m not rushing this time. I am taking my time in picking agents and combing bios. If no one bites, no one bites. I’ll be fine.

Here we go. Wish me luck!

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