Book Lovers by Emily Henry

I read mostly fantasy, but every once in a while I like to shake things up with contemporary romance or a romantic comedy. In this case, I took a chance on an author I’d never heard of. But the book is about book nerds, so what could go wrong?

I adored this book. She is a literary who put her career before romance, and he is a grumpy yet renowned editor. They both end up in this dinky little town for separate reasons.

I loved the protagonist – her reminds me of me. We both have put our writing/publishing careers first, and it was refreshing to finally have a female lead who didn’t want a family and a husband over everything else, or one who didn’t want to toss her success away for the first swoony man that came along.

The story was at times predictable (it’s a romantic comedy, what do you expect?) but I loved every page. Normally in these types of stories, I skim everything past the part where they admit they love each other, because everything after that is usually boring for me. But Emily Henry has a refreshing, fast-paced writing style that pulls you along.

5/5 for Book Lovers by Emily Henry.

Side note – I loved this book enough I ordered her other books.


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