Taking Breaks (PSA)

Have you ever been writing and the words start swimming around on the page? Have you read a sentence and them immediately forgotten what that sentence said? Do you find yourself using more adverbs that normal? These are signs that you may be suffering from Sudden Onset Word Exhaustion (SOWE).

Do not attempt to work through SOWE. It could result in temporary dysfunction of word-wizard skills, including eyesight, grammar, and ability to form complete and coherent thoughts.

Take immediate action:

Step away from the computer screen. Stretch for approximately ten minutes to navigate positive mojo into all extremities. Lay flat on the floor to let the negative mojo drain out. Go for a walk. Take a nap. Get a cup of coffee or hot tea. Eat a snack. Go find someone to converse with (a real person, preferably, but in emergency situations stuff animals, posters, and pets will suffice.) Visit your local dog shelter and play with puppies. Do hands-on activities such as cleaning, washing dishes, dusting, laundry, or folding clothes. Make a lap around the house and make a list of improvements for spring cleaning.

In extreme cases, visit your local apothecary for liquid herbal remedies.

It is recommended that until SOWE is completely out of your system, do not return to the computer.

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