Looking Back

So…for fun I thought I’d go back and read some of my older posts. Wow, did I sound like a totally B**** in some of those. I am sorry, everyone. In some, which will remain unnamed because I reworded some things, I came across as a know-it-all when it came to writing.

First, no one knows it all when it comes to writing. Books are subjective. No one reads with the same taste. No one writes with the same taste. Everyone has their own system of writing, editing, and organizing their notes. One writer or editor’s tricks aren’t going to mesh for every writer out there.

I’m still trying to carve out my niche, too. I’m in the same boat as a lot of wannabe writers out there. I didn’t make it in the traditional pool, so I floated along in the self-publishing lazy river. (I don’t mean to insinuate that self-pubbing is lazy. It’s easier. Like the lazy river. You jump in and float and enjoy, whereas the other rides you have to wait and wait and wait.)

What do I really know? Not a lot. I know what I’ve done, what I’ve read in blogs, articles, and books. I’ve read advice from agents, but I’ve never actually spoken face-to-face with one. I’ve done all I can in my power to know what I’m talking about.

At the end of the day, I’m just another yapping writer blogger on the internet, in the midst of the wasteland of bloggers.

So, if you’re out there navigating through the waves of the writing world, remember to take sunscreen, a notepad, and plenty of booze.

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