New Year, New Ideas, New Goals

It’s 2018. Are you ready? Can you remember where you were when it turned 2000? Remember the whole “Y2K” thing? I do. That was 18 years ago. Where’s the time gone?

This year, I’ve got goals.

  • Publish Devil’s Blood 3 this spring/summer
  • Second draft of Devil’s Blood 4
  • Rough draft/outline Devil’s Blood 5
  • Get a beta reader on that epic fantasy
  • Rough draft second book in epic fantasy
  • Outline epic fantasy series
  • Lose 20 pounds (I’m most doubtful about this one.)
  • Review more books, including indie titles (My GR goal is 35.)

What about you? Do you have any writerly goals on your plate for 2018?

(I was really feeling the bullet points today.)

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