Technology Blues

I’m not that big into technology. I don’t feel the need to constantly check Facebook or touch my phone every thirty seconds. This is why I have a hard time keeping up with all this “twitter” nonsense. I don’t have the patience for it.

I was thinking this afternoon – is that reason why I love fantasy so much? because it’s set in a time before all this social media stuff existed? I get to read about characters with face-to-face friends and real conversations; I get to read about people doing real work. The world is so unlike our own, it’s magical.

Our world is pretty cool, too, but you need to put your phone down to see it. I mean, have you seen this ‘nature’ all over the place? I love a good nature walk, myself. Here in southern Illinois, there are numerous nature walks that wind through ageless trees and huge rocks and old Indian sites.

Take a break from the tech and take a walk through the outdoors. See if you can get a spark of inspiration out there in the wild.

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