#1 Reason I Hate Game of Thrones

I realized that the boring narration, political drama, and dry humor aren’t the main reasons I dislike Game of Thrones. Nope. I stopped watching the show when Stark killed that first dire wolf.

I HATE stories where the dog dies, but I REALLY HATE stories where dogs die senselessly, like in Game of Thrones. Now, say all you want how the dire wolves die doing something, blah blah, “protecting their masters,” blah blah, “symbolism.”

I don’t care. I’m a dog person, and EVERY doggy death is senseless. In my opinion, Game of Thrones should end with all the human characters dead and all the dire wolves (alive) hanging out at Winterfell.

I have other problems with it, like all the boobs (obviously men had a hand in this show), all the backstabbing (it gets old), the constant political nonsense, the lack of a main character, all the character death, the lack of comic relief, TOO MANY characters, the rating level (I would have liked this show a lot more if it had a bit lower of a rating. I mean, I love a good fight scene as much as the next person, but sometimes it throws rape, murder, and mutilation around too much).

It might be different in the books – I barely made it through the first book for the reasons mentioned in the first paragraph. I don’t want to be halfway through a book and feel the need to ask, “What’s the point?”

3 thoughts on “#1 Reason I Hate Game of Thrones

  1. Many of my friends *love* this show and I’m refusing to watch it at all until it’s all over and I know who wins. Then I’ll decide if I think all this nonsense is worth putting myself through.

    I do confess though that I am putting my own list together of ‘Reasons You Can Tell GoT Was Written By Men’, which include the following:
    There’s reliable birth control, yet society is entirely unchanged by this, what?
    The brothels are all run by men, which has never been the case ever, and men only started running the prostitution industry in the last century or so; was this because brothels were plot-relevant but women aren’t allowed to be *too* involved?
    People keep sleeping in bed with their wives who hate them, and yet no one is bumped off this way, again was this because then women would affect the plot too much?

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