Book Review: Supernova by Diane Anthony (4/5)


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When librarian Madeline Hayes wakes up in the front yard with no memory of why she’s there, her simple life in a small town becomes more complicated than she ever imagined. Strange things start happening: her father heals an injury with a touch, her elderly neighbor seems to become younger, and everyone starts getting this strange blue light in their eyes–and in their veins.

And then people start dying.

Can Madeline unravel this mystery and stop the strange transformations before it’s too late? 



Supernova is a quick and fun read for lovers of cozy sci-fi. The story itself isn’t overly complicated or filled with that dreaded science overload that keeps me away from the sci-fi shelves. While this story didn’t have me biting my nails in anticipation, I wanted to know what happened next. I wanted to know how Madeline’s relationship with Ian progressed. I wanted to know how they figured how how and why everyone suddenly had superpowers. I wanted to know how Madeline was going to stop it.

Overall, Supernova by Diane Anthony gets 4 twinkling little stars out of 5.

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