Hard as Stone now available!

Hard as Stone is a YA Fantasy/Steampunk adventure that follows Raven, a sheltered girl with a wild imagination, as she and sharpshooter Zander track down a thief. They the Gray Elite and their vicious automatons, who have spent the past ten years erasing magic from the world, one magician at a time. I know, Thief … Continue reading Hard as Stone now available!

Book Review: Lovesick by Jacqueline Levering Sullivan

It is 1953 and Jeanmarie Dowd is crazy about handsome Chuck Neary, captain of Rainier High School’s hockey team and boy wonder musician. But he belongs to Terry Miller, her best friend, the school’s reigning beauty. But Jeanmarie has a few things going for her, too. She is smart, fun loving, and energetic with a … Continue reading Book Review: Lovesick by Jacqueline Levering Sullivan