Book Review: Remade by Danielle Novotny

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For her whole life, Aliya Rathburn thought life only existed on Earth. But after nearly dying in a car crash, Aliya wakes up on Callais – a planet that she never knew existed. In order to save her life, Doctor Gydyon Givray had to reconstruct Aliya with materials that were strange and advanced to her, and Aliya finds out that she now has strength and speed beyond her wildest imagination. Determined to hide her new abilities, Aliya tries to fly under the radar when she’s sent to the Protective Forces, the galaxy’s military. As Aliya struggles to accept herself after these incredible yet unwanted changes, a sinister force emerges to threaten the galaxy’s peace. When lives are on the line, will Aliya face her inner demons or will the rising darkness win?

I bought this because the premise was cool and the cover was pretty. I don’t typically go for science fiction, but you know, I felt like switching it up. I’m glad I did. Remade is a quick read full of action with a relatable protagonist. Sure, I might have paused this book to binge read a vampire romance, but whatever.

This is a great book for readers like me who aren’t big sci-fi fans but like a fun story. The writing was clear and easy to read, and the science and “space stuff” didn’t overtake the story. That’s what I don’t like about a lot of sci-fi – it reads more like a science textbook than a story. But, this book didn’t do that.

No, Remade wasn’t perfect. There was some telling where showing could have been better and the story felt predicable, but it was highly enjoyable. Recommend.

I give Remade 5/5.

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