Book Review: Master of One by Jaida Jones and Dani Bennett

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I bought this through one of those email discount lists. I was promised a sassy thief and a similar experience to Six of Crows. I got the sassy thief part. The Six of Crows part? Not so much. Don’t get me wrong; Master of One was entertaining, but it was just okay. It didn’t blow me away or keep me reading into the night. I didn’t find the writing very immersive.

The world building was so cool and original – I loved the idea of mirrorcraft, and how the humans magic users were able to manipulate magic through mirrors.

My biggest problem with this book is that the main story line, finding these six fae artifacts and ending the reign of the queen isn’t resolved. It’s so open ended, it doesn’t feel like an ending.

My second biggest peeve with this book is the title. The main character, Rags, isn’t even the Master of One – the Master of One is a side character we don’t meet until like a third into the book.

The writing was cute for a while; the authors do this fragmented style where they don’t use pronouns, and it got old. Fast.

This book was somehow simultaneously took long and yet didn’t feel long enough. This book was almost ten hours long by my kindle, and yet shorter books have left me feeling much more entangled. I’m not sure where it fell flat for me. It feels like the plot didn’t move fast enough. There was far too much narration. It tried to do the thing that Six of Crows did, where the current story intertwined with backstory, but it just didn’t work for Master of One.

Three stars because Master of One just didn’t grab me.

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