Rereading Stars and Bones: Thief in the Castle

Thief Juniper enters the deadliest con of her life: posing at the crown prince’s lover.

So, to combat a period of writer’s block and the following self-loathing and self-doubt, I reread my own book. I did so to remind myself that I can write. Shockingly, I think my writing’s approved.

I can see things that I, today, would like to revise and change. I see little things that I’d like to delete or elaborate. It’s so interesting to see how my writing as evolved since 2019 – yes, in just three short years, my writing has changed. And I thought my writing had changed substantially since Devil’s Blood in 2016. It blows my mind to think where my writing will be in another three years.

And I think a part of my writer’s block is that I know what I need to craft a good story. All of my stories so far have involved heavy amounts of editing, and I know – now – what I’ll likely keep and what will likely get cut in a revision. I can’t write the useless scenes anymore because I know they’re useless. It’s a weird complex.

In the meantime, I’m committed to reaching my Goodreads reading goal, so more reading.

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