Grammar Lesson (and a Life Lesson)

This lesson comes straight from Devil’s Blood 2: Siren’s Snare:

“I wish more people would,” the old woman said with a sharp smile, showing off white teeth, straight as blades. “What did you need, dear?”

Okay… so is this woman showing off teeth that are white, or is she showing teeth that are off-white? See where the confusion comes in?

To think, I wrote this sentence and proofed it dozens of times. I didn’t see it until it had been published for a good six months.

It’s so incredible to see how my writing has changed. From plot and character to sentence structure – it has changed. It’s so incredible (and cringe-worthy) to go back and read that “final” draft of Devil’s Blood, and then read what I’m writing now. WOW! I’ve changed for the better. My writing is sharper, clearer, and the plot moves faster – and there’s actual plot (LOL).

My entire process of writing has improved. When I wrote Devil’s Blood, I was all over the place. Now, I don’t even start the rough draft until I’ve got a complete outline – and my outlining, rough drafting, and revising has gotten quicker and more effective. Whoo!

There are things in Devil’s Blood on a plot level that I wish I could go back and change, but I don’t want to, because I feel like it’s cheating. I admit I published too soon. I should have waited through another  round of revision (or several) and beta readers. But, as I’ve stated before, I was too eager to see my name on a book – too eager to be a writer. 

But, oh well. Can’t change it now. I can only move forward and keep writing until that bestseller happens.

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