Hard as Stone now available!

Hard as Stone Cover Hard as Stone is a YA Fantasy/Steampunk adventure that follows Raven, a sheltered girl with a wild imagination, as she and sharpshooter Zander track down a thief. They the Gray Elite and their vicious automatons, who have spent the past ten years erasing magic from the world, one magician at a time.

I know, Thief in the Castle literally came out in September and Hard as Stone came out in December. It was poor timing on my part, because now I’ve two titles to market.

This is a new trilogy I’ve published through Authors 4 Authors Publishing, and I’m happy with how it turned out. Raven is a bit more like me than my other characters. She’s sheltered and wants to see the world, and of course the world is a bit more than she anticipated. There are freedom fighters, thief, and assassins. Not quite on the same level as Thief, but what is a book without thief and assassins?

If you’re inclined, check Hard as Stone out on GoodreadsAmazon, or at your favorite bookstore.

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