2020, Post #1

So, I fell off the posting boat about…six or seven months ago. I’m aware. The past eight months have been awful. I quit my pleasant part-time job for a full-time job I thought would be good. It turned out to be hell. I spent three months slowly inching into a steep depression, becoming an alcoholic, and becoming a bitter and angry person.

I quit that job. I had no other prospects. I had enough saved up to survive for three months. So, I started doing what I hadn’t been able to do: I wrote, I read, and I slept in. I cleaned.  I revised the very messy rough draft of Stars and Bones 5 into a somewhat less messy first draft, and I crafted the rough draft for the final book. 

But, writing and cleaning doesn’t pay the bills. I was unemployed for about a month and a half. I found a part-time retail job to have something of an income. That was at the end of September. I’m just now starting to crawl out of the pit of depression. I don’t drink nearly as heavily, and I’m generally in a better mood.

With the New Year, my resolutions are to start working out again, stop eating so much fast food, and to lose weight in doing so.

I have an interview for my old pleasant job, and I’m hoping to get back in. I could still keep the part-time retail on the side for extra income.

So…I guess the moral of the story is to be grateful for what you have, or “you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.”

And I’m aiming to post more, read more, and write more. And market my books more, though that one seems a bit harder.

So, grab a coffee and hang out with me for a few minutes. Or don’t, either way it’s cool.


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