Overwhelmed and Ashamed

As some of you might know, I am open for book review requests. I receive several of them during the week. I accept few of them. This is because I read slow, and I read books that appeal to me. Not all the review requests appeal to me. Simple as that.

This morning, I had 312 emails. I was immediately overwhelmed. I’ve spent the last thirty minutes going through them, and I’ve read several of there review requests.

And I’m stressed.

I have a pile of books I’ve accepted for review, sitting in a file on my computer. Some of them have been there…a while. Some of them have been there close to a year.

I want to apologize to every author who has sent a book to be reviewed. I have every intention of reading them, I just… I don’t like ebooks. For me to read an ebook, it has to be a book or author I just can’t put down.

I prefer physical books. The weight in my hands, the smell of paper and glue, the sound of a page turning… hmm.

I know not every author has the budget to mail physical books. I’m going to stop accept ebook requests.

On the plus side, I donate physical books to a local library for other people to enjoy.  

Sigh… I aim to read more books in 2020. Will I make it? We’ll find out.

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2 thoughts on “Overwhelmed and Ashamed

  1. I’m sorry to hear you’re so swamped with books. Have you considered tightening up who qualifies to get your review? Such as physical copies or specific genres? Might help.

    In any case, take care! 🙂


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